Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Don’t get me wrong, since a very long time our friends at Microsoft always went the extra mile at modeling big and important airports such as O’Hare and JFK the closest they can, but the rest of the thousands of airports in the world not so important pretty much have always looked the same. What exactly are they “replacing” when you talk about the buildings? Is it worth the money? New radar towers and VOR stations. New and more detailed runways. Whether you have a low-end system or a high-end system, this product caters to your performance and quality needs.

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Whether you are new to the ultumate or a seasoned veteran you will instantly appreciate how your airports take on a new and more modern look. Spectacular night lighting included with all airport buildings and objects. If you look at the pictures click them to get the full size image for the full effect the tower looks much more real as well.


The software is available through direct download at the Pilot Shop. Excellent product from Zinertek highly recommended in all aspects.

I’m also not totally convinced the replacement textures for the taxiway signage is any better, it looks over exposed to me and a little blurry. Terminal buildings zunertek alive and look crisper, more detailed, and more alive.

Zinertek Ultimate Airport Environment X

Make zinertek ultimate airport environment x you backup your textures as ajrport installer does not make a backup for you, however, a very minor point. So does it actually come with new fnvironment buildings? Another important thing to notice is that the new textures while bringing a stronger set of colors to the airports, they become more alive once you see them in the distance in an approach, especially at night.


This package instantly modernizes all your small, medium and large airports throughout the world! Over new textures bring all zinertek ultimate airport environment x default airports throughout the world to life. The only thing that will vary will be runway extension, building size but they are all the same and the placement of the tower. Ultimate Airport Environment X is a comprehensive texture booster that features over new textures that greatly enhance your ulgimate Microsoft Flight Simulator X default airports environmetn the world.

VAT All sales based on Euro. Zinertek has a good option for finding a middle ground to this dilemma. All prices include VAT where applicable. OK, now I’m confused. I never really looked into this product, but this thread has me interested now. The changes done to the general look and feel of the FS world are instant, and you feel them since the very first time you load FSX.

All of those things it mentions are just wrapped in new textures that’s all, what do you want for 15 Euros: Now if you take a tour around the most important airports in Ennvironment America you will notice the same as in most of the FS world I’m sure that they are all the zinertke.

A simple prodcut with tremendous value.

Zinertek Technologies

This environnment package only updates your default airports and airpott not modify your favorite 3 rd party airports. But I think it is necessary to point zinertek ultimate airport environment x that after probably FS5 not much has been done in modeling airports and the environment that surrounds an airport.

I remember reading that there was a way to remove certain textures with the uninstall program, but for the life of me I cannot find an uninstaller at the moment, let me look further into this.


Your donation here helps to pay our bandwidth costs, emergency funding, and other general costs that crop up from time to time. Is there a way to select what textures to install?

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. At least on my system there was virtually no compromise on performance whatsoever. Turns out they are data and optical network providers offering solutions for VOIP which is the lifeline of the company I work for today video over IP, and many other zinertek ultimate airport environment x tech applications for other industries.

I arport don’t know what percentage of our community is represented by us South Americans, I’m sure it’s not large, but if you rnvironment all of us who fly out of smaller airports I’m air;ort you will get a big number, hence a good market niche for someone willing to put an effort to create more credible small airports in the FS world.

You can choose between 3 different texture resolutions and select whichever set is best enviroment your system. Posted December 9, Yes I have it an like it very much, it really does enhance the default airports, I find it almost worth the price just for the replacement jetway textures they look far better.

Zinertek ultimate airport environment x on encironment seller’s websites, the product list description implies it add complete new building such as terminals, hangers, towers, VOR stations, parking garages, etc. OK I found the uninstall program and here are the only options you get.

Any example pics would be appreciated.