October 1, at I bought some vouchers the other day and now i cant buy any more art will u guys have it the same as it was plz ,thanks. You can always draw the free images in the catalog without becoming a member. You are the only one responsible on how and where you will use our program. August 24, at 9: Unfortunately we cannot stop Norton to block our program, buying a certified license for our program is way too expensive for us at the moment.

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FAQ / Download – YoVille Whiteboard Art

No new art will be added on the elfano website. Just check the box so you can see only the free ones whitevoard you browse them. August 3, at 6: September 11, at 7: September 16, at 1: The free images available on the website are for sale all over YoVille, even we kindly asked everyone NOT to sell free art from here and take advantage from others.

We are not here yoville whiteboard art take them out of business. August 17, at 7: What if I upgraded my computer and my account no longer works? Google chrome has worked well.


A voucher may be redeemed for one copy two attempts at drawing an image. However, if you are getting this error, first, tell us about it. Contrary, we feel that their work should be more appreciated since is original, and this is the way it should be. Follow the link provided, and your account will then be ready to accept a different computer.

What message did it give you? Here you will see your account number. Ren, usually you get full access instantly, but try to wait a few minutes until the server is changing your user level. The yoville whiteboard art art facebook page sometimes has giveaways. The program is drawing, but the image is messy, what should I do? August 24, at 8: That link will take you to a page where you can upload images of your own, and then you can decide whether to redeem your voucher for it.

So if you use Norton and you want to use our program to draw, please disable Norton while you are using it. This will link your computer to your yovilleart. We also allow you to make a contribution on behalf of another user. Our website is alive only based on your support, so we offer this option to those yoville whiteboard art help us develop.


If you already did that, right-click the program icon and wipe your registration info. Please decide on a single account and let us know so we can delete one of them.

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October 9, at 6: Connection problem between your computer and our server. Our children have the right to have a nice time also.

Remember the flicker glitch? The custom images are a bit tricky when you upload, but you are righT, with your dimensions it worked. This is because each account may only be used from a single computer. Your account is safe as long as you do not host events where you sell digital art.

If you need to switch to a different computer, or you have upgraded yovillee computer and your account no longer works raresee the questions yogille for how to reset your yoville whiteboard art.