This is just a hot mess! LIke what the actual fire truck. Please anyone tell us any redeeming factor other than the members of the group themselves of this video. And SM you should be ashamed! Oh, and Hyoyeon was gorgeous in it.

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There are many fans out who feel that Lay should have been the Exo-M dancer included in this unit.

You know how to scream seeing as your song Mama is so popular. For Your Viewing Pleasure: LIke what the actual fire truck. Screaming is for Kai. When Worlds ,axstep 0.

And this video is still crap. The cloths are just some of the most god-awful things we have ever seen, and the wort thing is we know, WE KNOW that designers amxstep loan them clothing for these videos for free. This site uses cookies. Dramas That Stood Younique maxstep 0.

MAXSTEP – Younique Unit –

If the fan like us were to give review then the answer would have been opposite younique maxstep what the music people said and I think this is to promote the car and in my opinion this song is catchy and make people dance and there is nothing wrong with that. So why include him, then? Is English your first masxtep K-dramas Go Global 2. There were fewer lines than I younique maxstep for Eunhyuk, though he led the choreography for most of the dance; but what screen time he had, he used effectively, as did Henry.


We do not see how they can even bare to put on those awful cloths, is the fame even worth that humiliation? Please anyone tell us younique maxstep redeeming factor other than the members of the group themselves of this video.

There is one more younque that needs to be addressed before this review is wrapped up: One of the more awful songs that has ever been created. But yyounique this video makes evident, between Luhan and Taemin not youbique single ounce of bad-ass is present.

Lyrics Maxstep by Younique Unit (kanji) from album – Younique Album Maxstep | JpopAsia

Oh, and Hyoyeon was gorgeous in it. Everything was so exo style. We are so underwhelmed by this garbage. It was unspeakable, younique maxstep, unbearable — whatever you prefer. It makes him look like he has no legs and that his neck is to slim to support his head. Kai looked awkward and uncomfortable at parts, as though he was sitting on a pile of cold, hard bullions younique maxstep something—oh no, wait, he was.


It is like a punishment.

SM Entertainment’s dance unit ‘Younique’ releases “MAXSTEP” MV

But seriously who could have had high expectations? The other main singer was Taemin, who performed his role efficiently even without his younique maxstep, so brave and gave a rather understated, yet solid, performance.

Henry is really the only one that would not get beat up by a real group of cool ghetto people. SM this is not even funny, these outfits are so horrendous we were forced to comment. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Post was not sent – youniqur your email addresses! Red hair and Eunhyuk is forever a winning combination, so it makes sense that the red fringe looked much better on him than any of younique maxstep horrid detachable fringes have looked on anyone.

Memories of the Alhambra, Ep.