Download Sunflower tutorial files. Maintenance Contract What is this? Download Rose tutorial files. If you currently have a license for Xfrog 5. What’s New in Xfrog 5. All Xfrog Objects can be animated by varying their parameters: This little workshop will give you some ideas, how to make use of the billboards and perspective renders that you can find on XfrogPlants libraries.

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Watch the video tutorial. This little clip shows another typical problem Xfrog beginners tend to fight.

Xfrog 5 for Cinema 4D: Video Tutorial Workshops

The Maintenance Contract gives one full year of complete download access to ALL feature enhancements, bug fixes, and software releases! Some common examples of Xfrog include: Learn to build and model a magnolia tree and flower in Xfrog for Cinema 4D, then import and render in Vue 10 Infinite. Basic Workshops These basic Xfrog Tutorial workshops will help get you going.

This xfrog cinema 4d will show you some techniques to get the best out of your Xfrog plants renders using Cinema4D.


Xfrog for Cinema 4D

Watch Part 1 of the video tutorial Watch Part 2 of the video tutorial Watch Part 3 of the video tutorial. Need an Academy Award? Gravitropism and Phototropism have been merged into the Xfrog 4 Tropism object. Download Xfrog and DiTools tutorial xfrog cinema 4d.

Start with scene file step1 which contains the materials for the scene files flowers and contains all the needed bitmaps.

Getting Started

Watch Part 1 of the video tutorial Watch Part 2 of the video tutorial Watch Part 3 of the video tutorial There are also example files available for this tutorial: Afterwards we concentrate on the blossom of this plant. During rendertime this conversion happens anyway, so if you do not have to change the center, convert it to xfrog cinema 4d. One you could find in the Basic settings of all components. Download Bush tutorial files. Part 1 Part 2 Xrog 3 Part 4 Part 5. Growth, number of branches, strength of attraction, gravitropism, or phototropism, and each parameter of every Xfrog Object can be animated!

Watch the video tutorial here. Download Lowpoly Tree tutorial files. Finally we will make use of DiPainter to paint a distribution. Download Lowpoly Tree tutorial files.


This is a three part tutorial. The Deviation Object is a simple xfrog cinema 4d to add natural detail to your Branches, by deviating a Branch Object at the places where other Branches emerge. Maintenance Contract What is this? System Requirements Xfrog 5. Xfrog cinema 4d 1 Part 2 Tree: During the third part we will further refine the shape of the bush and also talk about level of detail handling.

Part 2 — Building the Animation Creating growth and sprouting leaves. These basic Xfrog Tutorial workshops will help get you going. During the second clip we will focus on finetuning the branching structure and adding leaves to the plant. This time we will create an xfrkg animation. Start C4D, Selec t: Download Wind 2 tutorial files.