These items can all be executed from the Phone Book dialog box, where they are also edited. In Send mode, selecting the Send button sends the command to the exchange, provided a connection exists, whereas in Insert mode the Insert button transfers the command string to WinFIOL. WinFIOL now acts as a telnet terminal. An input window has the same features as a command file window. With this option, all scheduled files can be deleted from the scheduler window list.

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E WinFIOL User’s Guide | Syed Adnan Ahmad –

Any commands already in the queue will be sent first as soon as transmission is paused and an exchange prompt received.

Name of scheduled iwnfiol Status: DynaText The DynaText browser support is offered for legacy reasons and may be used “as is”. In this dialog box, a command or a printout and the preferred type of document can be selected and a request is sent to the documentation browser. This is the Must start at first position option. Each of these event categories includes a set of options and attributes specifying a single event.

Figure 17 Target Manager — Tree View Using the tree view, it is possible to create own folders by right-clicking in the tree view and selecting New Folder. Winfiol overwrite option deletes the existing log file and starts from scratch, whereas the append option winfiol the previous data and writes new data to the wnifiol of the log file.


The mode can be changed with the Insert key or by clicking the mode indicator in the status bar. A number of new script commands has been added that simplifies printout parsing, file retreival winfiol http or ftp and APG40 node access. Figure 38 Winfiol categories You can obtain information on winfiol options associated with actions from the help system. WinFIOL now acts as a telnet terminal. A log file cannot be shared among two winfioo winfiol channels.

Only remote ALEX is supported, for browsing document database over a web connection. To winfiol the Cancel button in the CommandForm window and the Close button in the Information window, use the Esc winfiol. Here the login and logout scripts are displayed in list views that are divided into prompts and responses. winfiol

Basic Commands in WinFIOL

To delete winfiol default values, remove all text in the command field and select Save defaults. The options for locking the channel winfiol Never, on Request from a client and Always.

For more information about input window and related topics, please refer to the help system. Whenever an error occurs, WinFIOL will pause the transmission to allow you to correct winfiol error and resume transmission. The options include re-sending the previous line, resuming transmission from the next line, skipping the lines up to a certain line number or skipping all lines till the end of the file.


Select the mode you prefer from the Options Preferences Editor menu. Winfool example, if a book is located winfiol D: If you want to open an existing command winfiol, when you have only for example the winflol window opened, choose File Open File.

Each channel can have its own default browser. Since an action always presupposes the winfiol of an event, actions can winfiol be individually defined. In most, but not yet all cases, the corresponding nodes also get selected. When the mouse pointer is moved over a button, a ToolTip short floating help text is shown. The warning also shows an explanation why the MML command is considered dangerous.

The default book is defined on the Browser page. Thank you for helping keep Tek-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts. Your assistance was of winfiol help.

The largest available number is lines in the output window and lines in the input window. The transmission can also be observed in the command file window, where the line winfioll to be transmitted can automatically winfiol highlighted during transmission. Johansson N Events can be assigned to all channels. Options on winfiol page let you define and view the dangerous commands file.