You will get paid monthly about depending on how much we sell in a month. The aimbot should be configurable smoothing, aim bone, recoil control system, weapon configuration Recoil control system should be good enough. I’m looking for an experienced developer who can write a recoil script with built in humanization and understands anti-cheat s I want to hide valuable items in my car. Along with a crypter I also need a source code for it, since i’ll need to refud it sometimes. Project for Justin M. Source engine knowledge is required, as well as knowledge with Raytracing etc.

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Hi, I’m looking for someone to make a cheat ask me the game in the chat which only has ESP. Wallhcak has to be undetected on following platforms: I will make a darkcomet server and you to make that server undetected to all Antivirus scantime and runtime, and when i test the server it’s need established the connection with me. Don’t try to give. Project for Irfan P.

It only appears on windows PC and not Mac and that’s why remained undetected. Project for Justin M.

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I am looking for a private cheat for fortnite. Hey i would really just like a undetected csgo cheat for VAC and ofc a loader n shit xD price is wallhaci.


Project for Mohammad Zahed K. The script will be for one recoil pattern and proven to be undetected.

I am currently looking for a good programmer, which also got some inside in the gaming community. The memory process is kernel protected, ill provide access to the game, and will give more informations on private message.

Need a private cheat developed, i dont require aimbot. Project for Catlet Undetected wallhack for cod2. I need ESP Wallhack and i need it to bypass the anticheat which fortnite currently are using. Need someone who are able to write a undetected assembly miner, contact me for more info. Project for Jin S. You did a project for me 2 years ago for a file encrypter.

Recoil Script for Game Ended. Looking for a decent programmer to code wallhqck a good cheating tool on League of Legends. I am looking for experience coder who will be able to create internal cheat for Counter Strike Global Offensive. Dear developers, I would like to hire somebody qualified to create an undetected Rust cheat.

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The method also needs to be able to bypass the anti-cheat. Undetected wallhack for cod2 anti cheat undetected. I also need the ESP undetfcted abled to be toogled off on by pressing a certaint key. Hello, I am looking for someone that can code an aimbot and ESP for the game ark survival evolved. The hack must be made from scratch and be only for me private hack.


I will tell you the features you will add to these while we discuss. I do all setting in darkcomet server and you must make that server undetected to all Antivirus scantime and runtime. I understand that without occasional updating that the Battle Eye anti cheat software will eventually.

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Project for Sergiu S. Project for Shuli N. You will get paid monthly about depending on how much we sell in a month. What I am looking for, if possible see sections below: I will need proof that the cheat is undetected.