There is a cool breeze on your face and a pleasant sun on your back. Look both ways before crossing the street. I haven’t got a hold of a copy though. Phi is an excellent album, and an opportunity that any hard-rocker or stoner should take up immediately. You find yourself walking one day, in a place you’ve never been before. Gritty, psychedelic rock, full of crashing guitar riffs and lo-fi percussion.

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Man I just did my review for ‘Gravity X’after listening to this its exactly the direction I wanted them to go.

Phi by Truckfighters on Spotify

If truckfighters phi like Phi, you may also like: You stop for a moment to regard the phrase and then truckfighters phi your casual journey through nowhere.

God damn I’m so old. Pphi review, happy birthday and I love this bands name. Despite having a vocalist, a decent chunk of Phi is instrumental. More vocals in their songs, which I fucking love. The typical song from Phi is comprised verses dominated by fuzz laden guitars and broken up with short, stoner vocalist segments, in other words, the guitarists basically have control of the entire album.


On the side of one of the houses, someone had written “nowhere to go but anywhere” in black spray-paint. Look both ways before crossing the street. That’s when you hear the noise. Something catches your eye. The Wall [Redux] by Various Artists. Streaming and Download help.

MassiveAttack April 10th Comments.

Truckfighters – Phi

Another thing that makes Phi unique is that it defies the standards of hard rock truckfighters phi. The words drift back into your mind This title track is one of the few times Egypt surpassed their early hit Valley of the Kings, and that warrants at least buying the track.

I binge-listen on Bandcamp.

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Like the guitars, the drums are never too loud or intrusive, and they never infringe on the flow of the music. Were not talking thirty-second instrumentals throughout the song, were talking full-blown five minute instrumental songs and a nearly seven minute jam truckfighters phi the end of Chameleon.


‎Phi by Truckfighters on Apple Music

I haven’t got a hold of a copy though. You have to be logged in to post a comment.

Phi, is Truckfighter’s second release, and it’s one hell of an album. Truckfighters is truly a unique band.

Truckfighters:Phi (2007)

I really enjoyed their last album ‘All’ as well. Despite having an extremely in-your-face tone, Phi is surprisingly smooth as laid truckfighters phi.

We dare to say that this is one of the best coolest vinyl box sets there is. There is a cool breeze on your face and a pleasant sun on your back. The CD version of this fuzzy album.

Zip June 12th Comments. Then you’re falling, and the carpet is all around truckfighters phi, absorbing you, pulling you in.