Fix threading issue in WebappClassLoader that can lead to duplicate class definition under high load. Align the Realm documentation so that both the configuration and the how-to are consistent. Patch provided by Cedrik Lime. Treat uninterpreted tags as template text for JSP. Arange filter logic jgclere Several flaws in the handling of the ‘Transfer-Encoding’ header were found that prevented the recycling of a buffer.

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Do not reuse windows tabs for session detail pages in Manager application.

Session viewer and editor for the HTML manager. Only ignore docBase if it really is a subdir of appBase. Make error messages much more helpful when illegal Servlet names are used. Make the SSL session cache size and timeout configurable.

java – Tomcat ‘s is empty – Stack Overflow

The selectors have been modified to only include the intended files. Make certain that classes are first loaded by trusted code when working in a sandbox. Correctly escape attribute values in tag files. Patch provided by R Bramley. Correct handling of servlets with a load-on-startup value 6.0.10 zero. NPE tomcat 6.0.10 start-up failure in some cases. This page lists vulnerability statistics for Apache Tomcat 6.


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It is the responsibility of user to evaluate the accuracy, toncat or usefulness of any information, opinion, advice or other content. Don’t use xml parser from web-app tojcat process tld files. Tomcat 6.0.10 provided by Qingyang Xu. Feeds or widget will contain only vulnerabilities of this version Selected vulnerability types are OR’ed.

Call replication listeners when using BackupManager. Explicitly specify encoding when compiling. Frees up socket buffers and memory. Total number of vulnerabilities: Update service name to Apache Tomcat 6 to prevent conflicts with previous major Tomcat versions. The Realm tomcat 6.0.10 in Apache Tomcat versions 9.

Apache Tomcat up to Access Restriction Crash denial of service

Fix multiple typos in monitoring how to. Ensure web application class loader is used when calling session listeners. Corrected test for host’s parent must be an engine.

Correct handling of escaped values in SSI processing. Enable this flag don’t forget to disable the channel heartbeat thread pero. Change default values for JDK version compliance options of JspC -source and -target when running from command line to be “1.


Ttomcat unnecessary reference to tomcat-coyote. Provide a workaround for an Tomcat 6.0.10 and Safari bug that means the Max-Age attribute of a cookie is ignored. Fix memory leak that occurred if using tomcat 6.0.10 RequestDispatcher. Fix expire session button in manager. Patch provided by 60.10 Le Clerc. Based on a patch by Kirk Wolf. Patch provided by Jens Kapitza. Fix some exceptions which could happen during classloading markt. Add support for using the character to define multi-level contexts in WARs and directories in the appBase.