Forums Posts Latest Posts. This virtual tube amplifier processor is based on authentic models of 12AX7A vacuum tube preamps and tube power stages. This means that, despite there being only a single screen, there are a lot of tonal options available in this compact setup. Studio Devil BVC British Valve Custom is a guitar tube amplifier modeling plug-in that is designed to mimic the character of “British”-style vacuum tube heads. Overview – quick selection. View More Photo Galleries. It is based on the gain structure of popular British Valve Tube heads like those made by Marshall with some subtle modifications to give it slightly more gain.

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We have no technical specifications for this product but your help will be much welcomed. In order to explore the secret ingredients of legendary sound and feel, every subtlety throughout the entire signal path should be meticulously analyzed and documented. The power amplifier section simulates standard pentode powered push-pull output stages.

While primarily intended for direct recording of both electric guitar and bass, the Studio Devil plug-ins also excel wherever natural tube amp overdrive and distortion are desired. The loudspeaker cabinet studio devil bvc section includes four classical cabinet types. It’s bbvc last point that makes studio devil bvc easy for us to award VGA the full five stars: By focusing on just one thing – amp emulation – Studio Devil has produced an excellent product at a budget price.

It sounds clear, nervous, without the “plastic” from other simulators. There are no time or preset usage limitations, but many of the advanced features of the full version are missing and RetroBandLite bvv everything as mono. Software Amp Simulators Added in devkl database on: The file includes Windows version. Studio Devil virtual guitar amplification covers a wide range of tones and playing styles, giving you exceptional realism for guitar tube amp emulation.


The dynamic response and tone is faithful to those from real vacuum tube amps and reacts to your playing style just like the real thing. They come with dynamic tube-modeling algorithms that capture the expression and feel of real tube amps. The sound “out of the loudspeaker, there or that of its competitors seem to” get stuck at HP.

Fill in the product description. You could also say that the lack of any high-gain distortion units makes reproducing modern metal sounds – which often make use of an additional distortion unit – rather tricky.

AMP MODELER PRO – Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro – Audiofanzine

Studio Devil BVC British Valve Custom is a guitar tube amplifier modeling plug-in that is designed to mimic the character of “British”-style vacuum tube heads.

The dynamic response and tones are faithful to those you’d bv from guitar tube amps and the reaction to different playing styles is just like the real thing. The controls are very useful in that they all have a noticeable impact on the sound, studio devil bvc defil never find studio devil bvc asking what a particular switch devio actually for which can be the case with some units.

Regardless of the overdrive amount, it stays in focus and delivers the ultimate touch sensitive dynamic punch. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Juicy 77 is the outcome of a research project which aims to investigate state of the art methodologies for mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of analog signal processing equipment.


Studio Devil Guitar and Bass Amp Bundle

Looking at this pessimistically, you could conclude that VGA is not an effective standalone unit. Soft clipping alone is not sufficient to emulate the elusive creamy character of a studi vintage overdrive pedal.

With some luck, it makes things sound “larger than life”. While the ‘big three’ produce comprehensive packages, they’re prohibitively expensive for many. Because Virtual Guitar Amp focuses on amp simulation, it stops short of including effects of any kind there’s not even a reverb. Accurate tone studio devil bvc controls: User Control Panel Log out.

Special mention should be made of the excellent noise gate, which keeps unwanted noise out without encroaching on sustain.

SOFTWARE: Studio Devil British Valve Custom (Freeware)

Its preamplifier section is inspired from an early 90’s rack mount preamplifier manufactured by a legendary amplifier manufacturer located in the northwestern USA. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Three new loudspeaker cabinet models. Even the user-interface design is inspired studko studio devil bvc simplicity and ease of real guitar amps for a more direct workflow without complicated menus.

Essentials Only Full Version. British Valve Custom features the basic controls of a guitar amp: