With bass drum,Tranjent designer makes natural attacky sound without EQ. I think we’ve all been at a place during a mix where the drums just need some smack that you just can’t seem to dial in with a compressor. The mother of all transient tools Attack, Sustain — that’s it. And Transient Designer Plus also adds powerful side chains, internal and external! I use it on every mix, it’s the first plugin that I insert on the mic tracks to the drum spot!!!

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The Transient Designer is a perfect partner to noise gates in live drum miking. View All Industry Reviews.

SPL Transient Designer Plus

Also great on loops to get what counts heard in the mix. Say goodbye to lowering the fader for your track every time you boost the Attack or Sustain knob – the built-in limiter prevents digital clipping. This plugin must have the most uses per parameter of any plugin I own. In spl transient designer vst every aspect desitner Transient Designer is different from conventional dynamic processors such as compressors.

The transient detection period can be adjusted by the user as well.

SPL Transient Designer Plus – Plugin Alliance

Really spl transient designer vst two controls combined together to make dead toms ring out longer. I am using not only on my drums, but on a lot of different instruments. Recording a live drum set, toms or overheads can be shortened without physically damping them.


Gets desiger on every session! Make trap drums slam harder. They do, however, still sound very good and are a great fit for users with older computers especially bit Windows machines. View All Customer Reviews. To make richer susutain and reduct dpl noisy attack. Tame a ringing snare drum. In Transient Designer Plus, the Output Gain control is placed before a new soft-clip limiter in the audio path.

A pair of filters high-pass and low-pass is also included for setting the frequency range of the processed signal. BitterSweet v3 has been around for quite a while although it was spl transient designer vst updated to v3 and still remains of the best choices for a free transient shaper plugin.

If I use cheaper synth. For example, easily reduce the amount of reverb on a choir, or take unwanted ambience out of dialog.

I LOVE this plugin!! Dominion still my fav.

Less Sustain More Sustain. Hilding June 30, I had been trying to eq the djembe to get the right sound, no avail. I have already found many great creative ways to use the SPL Transient Designer, and it’s so easy to use — I just used it to make a bass line less legato and more punchy.


Gavin Gist on May 18, 9: For the first time ever you could control dynamics, independent of the levels! You have to try this to appreciate what it sounds like, but expect to hear a lot of unusual stereo movement.

On the negative side, Transient desigjer only work on Windows, so MacOS users are out of spl transient designer vst in this case.

Transient by Sleepy-Time Records is a freeware transient shaping tool with a somewhat advanced control scheme.

Free Transient Shaper VST Plugins!

If you haven’t checked out the new Transient Designer Plus, find out for yourself why the Bst committee was so impressed by downloading a free, full function day demo today, and stay tuned for more info on how you can cast your vote for the TD Vet However, the available solutions on the market are not equally good; in fact they’re VERY far from equals.

Cons — The saturation module only available in paid version.