View all 26 comments. For some reason coming of age novels are my go to books for Summer. The voice was filled with sardonic poetry and wisdom and wit and charm, and she sounded older than she really was, even if her body had the developed pace of a kindergartner. This book is much more than i expected. I struggled to rate this one. I wasn’t a fan of the main love interest for several reasons which boil down to either personal preferences or being too old for the games of high school luuuvvvvv. What I expected was a chick lit, a cheesy story of a teenager and her ramblings about boys.

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In summary, Sloppy Firsts is a must-read. Finally she is funny, i nearly rolled down the couch when ,accused of being a lesbo, Jess replies: It made Jessica’s story feel realistic, and it had that day in the life feeling, but it also made the pacing really drag. Archived from the original on May 31, Nearly everything and everyone works her nerves, she wants nothing more to bitch-slap the clueless crew into reality, and spends most of her nights in a sleepless state, wondering what mental disorder plagues her.

It’s difficult to read that stuff since we’re so attuned to it today, sloppy firsts megan mccafferty back in I didn’t even know what slut shaming was, let alone that it was a bad thing, so yes, this book is a product of it’s time. Sloppy Firsts was surprisingly complex.


Sloppy Firsts

At page 88 I wondered why I was still reading it She made me want to attempt night running and swoon over poetry and wander the hallowed halls of my youth aimlessly and have crushes on Spanish teachers and pretend that I had a big sister named Bethany who was so full of herself that her head was a ticking time bomb and run through malls…and yes, it really was that fucking good.

And dropped a full star as a result. Indeed, this was cruising on a steady four stars the whole time I was reading. Have sloppy firsts megan mccafferty may sloppy firsts megan mccafferty emerge until series finished. He started off as a really cute, really unique character. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It isn’t even YA! Jessica is an annoying main character. Thus I was rather hit in the chest by the depths of the story and its constantly emanating sadness.

There are so many quotes that have caused me to burst into laughter–this never happens–or made me write down a quote or in my review journal.

Jessica Darling – Wikipedia

The journal and letter style of storytelling Megan McCafferty used was not my favorite. Marcus, who might be sloppy firsts megan mccafferty best thing since Hope left Sloppy firsts megan mccafferty would love that. The main negative about “Sloppy First” is its the setting-up-for-the-sequel ending. Retrieved from ” https: Sloppy Firsts is not only the type of book you finish wanting to read it again or pick up the sequel because of its cliffhanger endingbut it is also the type of book you finish feeling wiser about the world in general and I love that.


It would be about how she finally relinquished her pride and prejudice. It hooked me, I couldn’t put it down, it was very reminiscent of my high school experience, and I want to continue the series! Archived from the original on July 6, This is a book that I absolutely loved reading now and would’ve loved reading then.

I have a feeling we would laugh about the same thing, get annoyed at the same things. I’ve put off writing my review for Sloppy Firsts for a long time. Will a box set of the whole series ever be released? How exactly did you go about creating the hotness that is Marcus Flutie?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I believe she may just like the idea that she is a writer and not really grasp the concept of what writing is supposed to be about.

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I’ve found the Holy Grail of YA writing. I honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy this as much as I did.