Nixa January 7, at Thanks for all of the hard work, by the way! Choosing the Marshall JCM Dual Reverb simulation you have the possibility to adjust the channel, reverb A and B, the volume, presence level and the low, mid and high frequencies. Run it from your application and go. May 14th, Freeware. It can be easily installed in any audio program that supports VST plug-ins.

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I use them mostly in Cubase and they run smoothly and have never crashed though I never really simulanalog guitar suite the Oberheim PS-1 or the Univox Univibe that much. There is no actual installation, which the textfile explains. Anonymous March 21, at 5: But in combination with the amps, it’s possible to get simulanaloog real good sounds.

Retrieved from ” http: It gave balls to my musical life. The config is very easy and is self-evident.

SimulAnalog Guitar suite is a package containing several VST plug-ins offering amplifiers and analog processors specially designed for guitarists. The system with every part as an own plugin in the simulanalog guitar suite, is by my meaning an advantage, since it’s like in the real world – You don’t have an amp that does it all, You always connects other pedals, processors etc.


The Tube Screamer is great for giving clean sounds a little edge. Did you find this review helpful? Unknown July 10, at 6: SimulAnalog Guitar suite is not difficult to use for audiophiles and professionals. The SimulAnalog Guitar Suite comes with 7 different amps, the Boss DS-1 which is a distortion module, and the Boss SD-1 which is an simulanalog guitar suite stompbox are two of the ones that Gyitar use the most out of this bundle.

Simulanalog Guitar Suite

I tried using them but it showd me a No Editor error. I’m confused as to how these work. I had downloaded simulanalog before, but couldn’t stick with the bland look. The suote I used before It created simulanalog guitar suite folders for each sim, as simulanalog guitar suite described, but the resultant files were just the old non-GUI dll and an SEM file. I found that they are consuming very little processor power compared to the commercial products, probably due to the minimal use of graphics and flashy stuff.

Paolo October 13, at 6: Nixa January 7, at They seem to work fine under Linux though. Keep on making such important blog post. Hey, what can I say? In the case of the stompbox simulation the control knobs allows adjusting the values for gain, tone and level as well as speed and depth.


An early and beautiful relationship between touch sensitivity on string and sensitivity of tone. Anonymous June 7, at 9: In case some of you are interested here’s a couple of links.

Its most important feature is the extremely high precision of the simulation, which is about indistinguishable from the original sound. There is no common interface for the plugins, eg. I must do ghitar checks.

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But we can siumlanalog that “every component in the audio path of the original instrument has been modelled, except for the secondary effects of some active devices” and that “the response of each original device have been compared with the respective simulated response, obtaining less than dB of difference” without any particular commercial interest saying that.

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Hope this helps someone. With that, I really do not understand how they can shove his money in one or Amplitube Revalvers.