Follow the links below to see my reviews of all alternatives to Pippity. Icegram does not offer many features that Pippity does. I spent a long time looking at reviews of other plugins free and paid but at best got mixed reviews. If you have experience with Pippity be sure to add your own review! It also affected site speed. Pippity is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create popups to invite people to sign up for your newsletter.

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Thanks pippity plugin the input, David. This is a case of me eating my words. But is free and has lots of practical and useful features that work great for most people. Another favorite aspect of Pippity is the ability to set the Popup Behavior. Your email address will not be published.

I also like the variety of templates that come with Pippity as well as the ability to easily customize the template. What is your own experience with this plugin?

Plugin Review: Pippity Popup

Pippity plugin the font type, size, and color if you want. You can customize colors, sizes, overlay opacity and much more via the styling dashboard. It has changed our business because email subscribers are so important. Please stay away from this and go with another one. Pippity sets a new bar pippity plugin delivering beautiful popups in a way that’s more in tune with your readers and gives you useful analytics that show the pippitj effect your opt-ins are having.


If two popups are scheduled for the same time, Icegram will automatically delay one.

If you have experience with Pippity plugin be sure to add your own review! Please note that I only track features as reported by the developers in this review and comparison. Please stay away from this and go with another one. Another useful and unique feature of Icegram is the Headline Generator.

You configure it once, and if you want to change the configuration of other stuff, the first thing you configured de-configures pippity plugin you have to do it all in one shot.

You can also change the colors of other elements — opacity, copy.

This is really a very bad software and service. The following sentences after the proposal should explain the proposed outcomes. I recommend you test Pippity and some of its competitors yourself before deciding. I asked how to enable, and they replied, but after doing code changes, I was surprised that their popups are not even optimized for mobile. Alternatives Comparisons Links Pippity Alternatives Pippity plugin have also reviewed many competing products that allow you to manage multiple WP blogs.

Pippity Popups | WordPress Popup and Lead Capturing Plugin

Coming to the aspect of flexibility regarding where and when to show the popup, both Pippity and Icegram offer a good range of targeting rules. And convert and convert and convert.


You know how irritating it can be when popups keep popping up no matter what you do? Together with my in-depth feature and price comparisons these user reviews are meant to help people make the right decision pougin the best optin plugin. Of course, you can also show your popup after a set time delay.

This is really a very bad software and service. It will only take pipputy minute! If you have used this plugin be sure pippity plugin add your own rating below! I had to do further code changes to make them responsive and looking good on mobile. A recently published infographic by Experts Pippity plugin shows some intriguing comparisons plugiin supercomputers, consoles, smart pippity plugin and smartphones.

Trigger your popup when the reader reaches the end of an article. Icegram allows scheduling, targeting specific devices and can also show your popup wherever you insert a shortcode. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.