Metro Gaisano department store had half of the ground floor devoted to Christmas decorations, toys and gifts. Ana knocked on my door at 7am. This is the most Christian nation I’ve ever been in, but no way were those greedy bastards who own the malls giving their employees the day off. Then she caught a 3am bus back to Cebu and came to the McSherry on no sleep. About 10 am, Mark and I walked down to the pier where there are lots of poor squatter families. Maayong Pasko, Pinas Kuhan? By 1am things were quiet for the first time in weeks, just a residual pall of wafting smoke and gunpowder stench.

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Ana went home to Dalaguete on short notice, I declined to come along because I was still wrapping presents and getting ready for the next day. Then she caught a 3am bus back to Cebu and came to the McSherry on no sleep.

After awhile it just seemed rude. Winter here—especially the months of December to February are the coldest—reaching degC. By the neighborhood sounded like pimas urban warzone with intense house-to-house combat.

International Kylie Verzosa!

Pasko Sa Pinas Yeng Song Download Mp3 – COVERSONG

The good thing about this, however, is that, because the celebration is indoors, it makes the spirit of the season more intrinsically intimate, less ridiculously lavish, devoid of the dangers of firecrackers and stray bullets from careless revellers, and more of celebration than a contest on who has the most fancy display of materialism. The explosions pasko sa pinas karaoke already pretty pnias. Pasko Photos My Philippine Webpages chrispforr. We drank Tanduay and sang karaoke and danced to top 40 and bemoaned the difficulties of starting a software business in Cebu, until 3am.


Fireworks vendors were aggressively emptying their tables kaaroke intense competition, I’m sure there were hundreds of these guys on Colon Street alone. The bikini bar down the street was setting off big strings of firecrackers one string has aboutsounding like American gunships strafing Al Queda training camps in Afghanistan.

Every time we stopped karqoke got mobbed by kids with outstretched hands.

Having said that, there are no firecrackers here—even watusi. A friend in the Philippines asked me how most people celebrate New Year here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; and if it is as generally festive as it is in the Philippines. Filipino acquaintances and even strangers on the street karakke accosting me with “Pinas kuhan? Time to start buying, but how many Filipinos have the money?

Pinoy Korner

The turnout included Gary, myself, Augie another of Gary’s former studentsand Ana she doesn’t love Java but I think maybe she loves me, so she came. Gary my Java teacher at first resisted the idea of a party at his house, then agreed to it.

For the first time since I’ve been here, the swarms of street dogs and cats were nowhere to be seen. I complained that Christmas season is supposed to start after Thanksgiving, but did anybody listen to me? What am I, a promo guy for Philip Morris? I had bought a big bag of cheap toys pasko sa pinas karaoke candy yesterday, so we walked around playing Santa Claus. This is the primary reason Christmas and New Year is not festive here. This is the most Christian nation I’ve ever been in, but no way were those greedy bastards who own the malls giving their employees the day off.


Winwyn Marquez is Reina Hispanoamericana Here is my response to her: Finally if you can’t beat ’em I started sticking my own hand out and asking for a gift.

Sa Madaling Salita Hindi magarbo at mala-fiesta ang selebrasyon ng Pasko at Bagong Pasko sa pinas karaoke dito sa Canada hindi dahil ayaw ng mga tao rito o hindi masayahin ang mga tao rito kundi dahil sa klase ng panahon ditto tuwing Disyembre hanggang Pebrero—sa sobrang tindi ng lamig dahil Tag-niebe, hindi maaaring magpakalat-kalat sa labas ang mga tao.

Download Pasko Sa Pinas Yeng Mp3

Birthday of baby Jesus? We invited all the Java lovers we knew. I picked pazko Ana from work and brought her over about 10pm. Once Ana got off the phone cellphone addict we wished each other welcome to the new year and called it a night.

I was really digging it. Horn beats Pacquiao for WBO welterweight crown.