Google Sky Map is really good app.. Are you going to be skygazing anytime soon? Tapping on a search result returns you to the map which quickly pans around to show a cross-hair locked on to the object of interest. Star Chart is good as well but it’s not working so smooth on my phone.. I will probably get Star Map in the Autumn, as that looks to be top dog in most people’s opinion. Then on to the eyepiece of an Astro-Physics Starfire telescope:

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Smartphone astronomy app’s? – Discussions – Scopes / Whole setups – Stargazers Lounge

If you want some more information about a particular cosmic object, just click on it. We work closely with all major device manufacturers, and thus have access to pre-production and prototype units. After your GPS locates your position, you can then navigate around the sky map to find your nearest star or planet. Luke Peterson Updated October 1, 4: Nice and usefull features of this application will keep you captivated for a very long time.

Are there any comparison reviews of astronomy-related smartphone amp

sky freeware for Symbian s60 3rd and 5th edition. Free software downloads for Symbian Nokia phones.

SkyMap has a built-in gallery which contains a collection of the relevant celestial objects. Tapping on a search result returns you to the map which quickly pans around to show a cross-hair locked on to the norbsotf of interest.


The Norbsoft Testing Lab provides mobile application testing and certification services. I’m using it myself for star recognizing and to find constellations.

The official Stargazing Live hashtag on Twitter is bbcstargazing. SkyMap can set location from GPS or a database of cities.

Sky Map 3D

Viewing the night sky in night mode. As a dynamically developing norbsodt we are awarded the “Innovation norbsoft sky map symbian Development Leader” as part of the LiderzyInnowacji. Whatsapp Latest Version New virsion 2.

I swear by starmap on my iphone. Norbsoft SkyMap is a unique application unveiling a host of nearly 10, stars, all planets of the Solar System and objects such as nebulae and galaxies all on your phone. To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser. In this second series, Professor Brian Cox and comedian Dara O Briain also try to explain some of the unexplained mysteries symbiam the night sky, live on TV.

Probably not as extensive in functions as some of the iPhone apps. This simplistic approach is not necessarily a bad thing, as it allows you to concentrate on the content rather than being lost in all the frills. We spoke to space writer Paul Sutherland, who runs his own popular website Skymania.

Stargazing on your Nokia

At the same time, we are named among a group of the 17 most innovative Polish companies by Brief magazine. First attach norsoft Nokia cameraphone to a piece of card and a pipe: JaxK Created on November 16, This is in contrast to competing products that show constellation artwork and display Hubble images of objects once you zoom in closely enough.


It was the winner in a sky at night group test too some time last year Already have an account? Therefore, based on screenshots, you may prefer the more polished user interface on SkyMap. Review Summary There are currently no reviews for this app. Norbsoft sky map symbian Replied on November 16, N Gage Emulator Repacked This emulator rocks Hi, Would you know of any decent astronomy software for Symbian OS phones?

With details of nearly 10, stars, this app has plenty of details about nebulas, galaxies, planets and stars.

However, the problem with augmented reality views is that they tend to jump around a lot as they react to sensor noise. Follow us on Social Media if you would like to keep abreast with all the latest Norbsoft news and developments.