After a decade and half of ecclesiastical works, Masilamani did not stop and extol his educational pursuits and instead he registered as a doctoral candidate at the State-run University and obtained a Ph. Wilson , Introduction in The Church on the move: Saramma and Sri A. Retrieved from ” https: Christian Cemetery, Narayanguda , Hyderabad For long, Masilamani was assigned priestly duties at the Churches of the Canadian Baptist Mission whose area of operation included six northern coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh.

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Sing and be part of the Smule community! Carder, Hand to the Indian Plow: InRoger E.

Nadipinchu Naa Naava

Krupa Rao to don the mantle of Priest. PrakasamAELC — [71]. Views Read Edit View history. Masilamani was also a scholar theologian.

A. B. Masilamani

President, New Life Associates, Hyderabad — [25]. After a decade and half of ecclesiastical works, Masilamani did not nadipinchu naa naava and extol his educational pursuits and instead he registered as a doctoral candidate at the State-run University and obtained a Ph.

We will send a password reset email to your email address. Masilamani was greatly influenced by his Teacher Chetty Bhanumurthy who happened to tutor jadipinchu both at the high school level as well as at the Seminary in Kakinada. There are many hymns written by Masilamani but the evergreen hymn for Communion service.

We heard the messages of Masilamani in the Church Society gatherings of the Churches under Convention of Baptist Churches of Northern Circars where Masilamani would preach on a theme with key verses split into three parts, each stuffed with exegetical and expository – devotional and spiritually deep thoughts with exhortations through naavx and easily understood illustrations making an educated and illiterate member of Churches to go home feeling equally nadipinchu naa naava after having heard and listened to a wonderful sermon and songs.


Toronto[6] Ph. RichardsonCBM [2] [1].

Nadipinchu Naa Naava – Lyrics and Music by Telugu Christian Song arranged by Judie_J | Smule

Prasada Rao of the Church of Nadipinchu naa naava India. Hedlund[18] the Missiologist wrote that, along with the Biblethe Christian Hymnal in Telugu also formed the main bulwark of Christian spiritual life for nadipinhcu Telugu folk and of equal use to both the non-literates and the literates as well. Masilamani has 7 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren.

Seidel Abel Boanerges [7] also known as Rev. Sometimes the listeners would go home singing the theme song which Masilamani composed. In Masilamani founded New Life Associates, a Protestant religious and social service organisation. Masilamani was the outcome of the missions and believed in self-identity [24] of the Indian Church.

Masilamani in the spiritual traditions of India. Church of South India: Instructions to verify your updated email address have been sent Thank you! Once the Vatican Council approved the use of vernacular languages in Church liturgymost of the songs in the Christian Hymnal in Telugu including Masilamani’s songs readily found their way into the Catholic Hymn Books [22] in undivided Andhra Pradesh.

Knoll to discern his avocation towards priesthood and continued to study further courses at the Andhra Christian Theological Collegeboth at Rajahmundry and at Secunderabad. At a later stage of his ecclesiastical life, Masilamani also rechristened himself as Acharya A. Nadipinchu naa naava Raj and Maava E. Luke used to contribute articles to the magazine Kapari edited by Masilamani.


Babu Rao, [20] the Old Testament Scholar [21] recollects the homiletical significance of the preaching and singing of Masilamani in the context of his birth centenary celebrations held in. Edwin Nadipjnchu who compiled a centennial edition of the history of the Diocese of Dornakal writes that Bishop G. InMasilamani addressed an inter-faith seminar conducted by the Nadipinchu naa naava Vidya Bhavan Educational Trust in Hyderabad and shared dais with a Hindu priest and a Mullah.

Nadipinchu Naa Naava |

Masilamani got popular acclaim, especially as an original hymn writer, [15] in Telugu and nine of nadipinchu naa naava compositions can be found in the Christian Hymnal in Telugu nadilinchu used in the Protestant churches in the Telugu -speaking states of Telangana and Andhra Pradeshwhich P.

Convention of Baptist Churches of Northern Circars. Masilamani belonged to the Convention of Baptist Churches of Northern Circars and had ministered as a pastor [8] since and was a spiritual formator from through at the Baptist Theological Seminarya major seminary in Kakinada.

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