A test might be to run a file manager app and see what volumes it sees. Enter your email address to receive updates: Emily December 17, at 9: It is absolutely beautiful. My boys play the games on it and I use it to read. For that matter, does the Native environment see any data on the card?

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Nathan December 17, at 6: Tommy December 21, at 7: Can you tell us if it is a good decision to get the N2A card to install Jelly Bean or purchase the download n22a a micro SD card?

Kindle Deals are Back at Woot January 3, You always do a great job. Whether it sees any Nook environment data or insfant sees the N2A environment. Emily December 26, at 8: Not sure n2a instant the particulars. Something is not adding up….

Nook HD+ Gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with N2A Cards

I upgraded from the Nook tablet with an N2A card and the screen on this is just beautiful. I knew all along that the N2A card n2a instant coming so there was never a decision to go with anything else.


Nathan December 21, at 9: Nathan December 22, at 7: Lev December 17, at 2: It is absolutely beautiful. On the other hand speakers suppose to better on the Kindle and Kindle HD has hdmi. You end up with a great tablet specs wise notwithstanding n2a instant of camera and instnat software to match it. Last updated on December 18th, 17 Comments.

Hopefully they will support that soon too. Nards Barley December 17, at 3: I have the Nook tablet with a 16gb N2A card and it has worked like a dream. Kathy H December 17, at 6: Keep in mind that the n2a software are often found for free n2a instant the XDA forum. My boys play the games on it and I use it to read. So you should be able to do this for free if you n2a instant willing to follow the instruction carefully.

Like always there are directions to create your own card for free at XDA if you are familiar with the process. For that matter, does the Native environment see any data on the card? Wow, thanks for the heads-up! I wonder if I could justify purchasing a second tablet?!!


N2A Cards | N2A instant download: How-to video and w

May still have to go instnt Kindle fire HD. Nathan December 18, at 6: Follow The eBook Reader. N2A cards are relatively inexpensive. Jeffery Stroud December 17, at 8: Emily December 17, at 9: You can always install Android 4.