Change gravity to 0. At next jump to the table and search “increased”, it will be between 4,5 and 5. Wex , Nov 24, Vampires , Nov 25, I think, everything is better here than in MVS, In my opinion, I think p2win exists, Hackers have always existed everywhere, but I think that here they are doing everything they can to protect the game better, I am also portuguese and I saw your post on fb dear friend, “Vampiris is back” Vamos fazer o jogo Crescer bro. Thank you all for your kind answers.

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Get kill, search 1 in “byte” get next kill, search 2, get kill, search But that’s absolutely no problem right now.

Probably you’ve 2 addresses, just select both of them and freeze at 0. LouisNov 24, VampiresNov 25, I think that all your questions have been answered very well already. I’ve been playing a couple matches and I’m very happy with this game.

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On the floor search in “float” “value between IzaierInsane and Rei like this. I used to be a MicroVolts player since and I used to spend lots of hours on microvvolts before the Surge nack. Yeah, even if I’m against pay-to-win Please notice that I don’t want to criticise either EPT M or the staff team, I just would like to hear some points of view because I really feel like this could be my new favourite game.


Therefore, I would like to know who else came from MVS and their opinion on some stuff: In fact, I had to study for a test yesterday in the evening but I decided to play THO instead lmao The only “weak spot” I can see is that there’s no newbie server yet, which would be microvolts hack rt and mp for newcomers to be able to practise.

Change gravity to 0.

You can beat anyone with MP weapons if you are good enough. ErebusNov 24, Hello, welcome to the game!

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Discussion in ‘ Midrovolts Discussions ‘ started by VampiresNov 23, You can get cute weapons by purchasing RT, but don’t think that they will be anything overpowered. Ammo Hack reload the same but as a prev ammo try to search second one: Do you already have an account? Get higher and search increased, don’t move and search unchanged. Log in or Sign up.



Yes, my password is: Jun 24, Messages: FlamyNov 25, LouisCrown and Insane like this. Nov 23, Messages: Search in “double”, it’s first static address green one. You have to have good coordination. Jul 21, Messages: The same means nearly ones are good, different one you can delete. FlamyNov 24, Go to square mode in plaza map.

If haack have not lot of addresses then you can suicide there will be changed 4 addresses 3 in a row and 1 alone this alone is as a deaths and those 3 are for general match microvolts hack rt and mp. Add new address with new address and you got it. Sep 16, Messages: