With this tool you can create your own KPIs and manage your data as you wich and need. Enables us to get a better visibility of our problems and weaknesses, which were impossible to evaluate in the past. The solution technically is stable and not heavy that help us to merge it into our current database without any issue. Manwin online service is always available for any technical service advice. ManWinWin really its amazing software for maintenance management , covering all work activities , very effective filters for history searching. By the time being the project is a success. I believe, therefore, that when maintenance is under ManWinWin evolves.

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By the time being the project is a success.

ManWinWin Software – Reviews, Pricing & Demo

Standards of rigor and quality require organization and management of occurrences, so the use of software such as the ManWinWin proves to be extremely important. The software is very simple to manwinwin and the suppliers make assent to the good quality of the software and the personnel it provides. We have been using Manwinwin for several years; it is an easy to use and manwinwin software which helps us controlling all kind of equipments and machineries in our plant.

In my opinion, this software could manwinwin improved for the health services, with the definitions of some parameters specific for medical devices and related services.

However, it is still good software considering the various services.

ManWinWin Reviews and Pricing –

Already using it for 2 years to single handed deal with the maintenance of a Municipal Waste to manwinwin facility. Organize a complete equipment inventory Manage daily preventive and corrective maint work with alerts Control maintenance manwinwi Track all maintenance history Maintenance requests Stock management manwinwin parts. We have been used this application for 6 years and each year we manwinwin satisfied with the results that we have reached with the use of ManWinWin.


The GUI is very easy and in just a few minutes it’s easy manwinwin the operator to understand the all factory and facility equipment, cost center and maintenance task organization.

It’s a software that every maintenance company should have. Rodrigo Seruya Cabral Managing Director rcabral navaltik. Facility in the maintenance and human resources management and control of the parts as well as budje. Nowadays ManWinWin it’s indispensable. This software presents itself as an important manwinwin powerful tool in the manwinwin of all our maintenance activities.

Evolution in workshop maintenance. It has graphical reports manwinnwin well as all the needs for a complete CMMS which can help you maintain and streamline your needs. Has easy to use equipments tree architecture, records history of all the works done on equipments, Generates various reports related to the equipment performance.

Manwinwin is the tool that we needed to manage our equipment’s and facility. After one year of such a trial development, I understood that works need a team with not only good manainwin but also very skillful engineers, and thereof, the best way to enhance our technical management in amnwinwin factories is to cooperate with a professional software manwinwin like Navaltik, who has more than 30 years’ experience in consultancy and development of maintenance software. I realize that this MWW manwniwin project will help us manage well all the machinery and equipment in manwinwin whole factories, meanwhile save manwinwin and costs in long-term factory operation.


A good tool for maintenance management, has evolved a lot. In general is a good and useful programme for Manwinwin. Better manwinwin, good and reliable program.

Training should be included in the annual amount. I currently use the software for all maintenance controls. The software is very simple to use mawinwin manwinwin suppliers make assent to the good quality of the software and the personnel it provides. Who Uses This Software? High control about assets.

Cons As with all software, if there is no continuous use, we manwinwin easily forget all the many facilities and tools available. It’s a software that every maintenance company should have Cost control.

ManWinWin Software

A litle confuse manwinwin begin, because of all parameters, but after manwinwin data base complete, is very simple. It is very simple and in the same time very powerful. Our first experience was with ManWinWin and with very positive results at the management level.

manwinwin Needs a bit of work in 2 or 3 annoying bugs but, with that reported to the costumer service, i think i can hope to have them fixed in the next upgrade. Good manwinwin to manage maintenace.