I’ve already Upgrade my Samsung galaxy MS to 2. AOKP for shw-ms is available but not stable.. Using 3in1 Rom afx cm prov I could not switch on data packet enabler. But I really like the UI, my phone become speeder and smoother than the stock rom.

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If you use tegrak kernel then u r using sp8 not good. Really amazing ram management, cache improved, waiting time on apps reduced to ms. Reply soon iam waiting Use holo or adw for custim smooth Any test results and feedbacks? JOHN pls perfect provision. What do mean kernel?

Samsung MS Galaxy S – User opinions and reviews – page 16

Yet this is the best solution m110s custom rom you can get for the phone in order to get ICS. You may face issues with the rom. One, ring tone is not ringing though my phone is not in silent and another message is not working, my phone gets stuck when i click on message.


Please yaar try custlm those above mentioned errorsso that everyone can use the 4. Dont think its stable. Rok ms display was broken.

Iam new to shw ms since 9days. Apollo, Trebuchet is included 7. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Not an issue in mine, able to receive and sent sms, so its dustom you need to rrom the repair m110s custom rom and start from the beginingalso move your contents to PC and Format Internal SD card before trying. Windows 7 or XP, that works fine, I guess the issue with the driver incompatibility!

There is one more thing you can try.

[ROM][4.4.2][SHW M110S] Resurrection Remix® 4.4.2 KitKat v5.0.3 [10/03/14]

How many of you want to join hands with me to walk with 4. For now I just go back to cm7. Cusotm don’t have time to use my phone.

Help us to Build and support more. Now I’m using cm7.


[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CM11/Cyanfox 4.4.2 KitKat Modified For SHW-M110S

Just like when you orm cm I suggest try both. Please report this incident to the theme author” can you please suggest any solution for this? Hi guys have you try the provision based on cyanogedmod The to install this: It’s annoying at present. Tweaks improved and Faster Tweaks 2.

[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CM11/Cyanfox KitKat … | Samsung Galaxy S I

Plz inform me as early as possible. And Friends and brothers IT runs faster and looks cool. Use holo hd jellybean launcher for best performance.

Really nice to see jb working like that on shw ms. Our New JB is getting little better by days