Java Applet is required, click More information. Because some network routers or switches don’t support Multicast, this option is disabled by default, but can easily be enabled in the Preferences menu on the Network tab. The “on-demand” LanSchool agent is included as part of the LanSchool software download and requires the use of webNetwork 6. This option allows you to draw with a red pen on the screen. Teachers can limit student access to distracting applications and web sites with relative ease.

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On Windows, if your computers do not have meaningful Machine Names, you can use this menu option to better name the computers i. The question mark can be cleared by the teacher through a chat session or a right click on the thumbnail.

Monitors lanschool 7.7 battery state on a notebook or iPod. A Remote Control Student feature allows teachers to move around in the classroom and still be able to remotely use the mouse and keyboard on a selected student’s machine.

Type in the Lanschkol lanschool 7.7 was generated on the ipad and click OK. Right click the icon to expand the console lanscchool next or left click to access the shortcut menu See Fig. To stop web limiting touch the web limiting icon again. Remote Control Teacher allows all the features inside the LanSchool Teacher Console to be leveraged remotely or any application running on the teacher machine to be utilized remotely by the Teacher Assistant App.


Teachers can optionally time the test, show results to students and export the results to a. Sierra Foothills of Northern Ca. Teachers may now view and sort Students by their Lanschkol address, which is a new column added in the Details view of the Student List. This can be quite useful for younger students who have trouble navigating to a specific web address lanschool 7.7 starting a specific application.

To uninstall LanSchool 7. Teachers will now have the same award-winning LanSchool features to help students miles away! Lanschool 7.7 “on-demand” LanSchool agent is included as part of the LanSchool software download and requires the use of webNetwork 6.

LanSchool v Feature Overview

Lanscgool register your product, get the latest product updates, get support online, More information. This view changes to the next student in the list at a rate of about 4 seconds each.

Created by Christos Karalislast modified by Riitta Auvinen on The LanSchool Teacher console can be run in a lanschool 7.7 so that it cannot be minimized or closed. You can modify this behavior on those machines if desired. However, along with all.

On the Mac, both Safari, Chrome and Firefox are the supported browsers for allowing certain websites. The teacher can lanschool 7.7 any lwnschool channel or group any number of channels together controlling them simultaneously.


Posted 21 November – You must be an administrator. This feature must be configured in the Preferences dialog and then turned on by clicking the Limit Web button or menu item. Often, kids tend to view computers as toys.

LanSchool v7.8 Feature Overview

You never know when one will leave you. Teachers are alerted if a student types a word on a list of banned words. Precautions please be sure to read these precautions The user assumes full responsibility More information. If the computer is a using the NetWare client software, LanSchool v7.

This will show all computer screens in the classroom as lanschool 7.7 small, medium, large or extra large thumbnails. Teachers can send messages to all or individual students. Start a Scheduled Meeting. Your mailbox is lanschool 7.7 to the cloud.

Portions used under license from third parties. Remote Control Student Take remote control of a single student.