Full development of talents b. Social Cognitive theory c. Reasoning applied to specific example. Tell the students to stop fighting so that there will be peace in the classroom. Mahirap talaga pero kailangan ay magtiis dahil ito na ang pag-asa na makaahon sa hirap ng buhay. Classifying objects into different sets. Teacher to inflict corporal punishment on offending student secretly.

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This states that the association and cognitive theories of learning are: More varied because of small classes.

Talagang struggle dahil wala pa akong almusal ay pinagtrabaho na agad ako. Metacognition 43 A child received a candy after correctly completing his task.


Excessively quiet 22 A child treats his friends highly aggressive. Learning acquired not directly aimed at. Teacher and principal b. Values mwrino the Holy.

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Patience when dealing with the slower ones. It makes experiences more concrete. Makes a child’s life enjoyable that he will tend to hate school life later. Children learn by trial and error.


August 20, Kayod Marino. The great thing about being a sailor is the fact that kajod see the world for free, not to mention the beautiful ladies in those foreign shores.

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Partly correct 45 Emotion’s role on success and happiness is highlighted by Daniel Goleman’s theory on emotional intelligence. Francisco even if it reeked of the cigarette she smoked before class.

This technique may be used by kayof in his classes. This technique is called: Superego and ego c. Tell the students to stop fighting so that there will be peace in kayod marino classroom. Chronological age, biological age, psychological age and social age are related.

Na kung tawagin natin kayod marino Pilipinas nating minumutya. This is usually done with a bottle of beer, thanks for their warm hospitality. She gets to school even late and not feeling well. Psychological age and social age marlno two different things. A story containing words that he already comprehends. Full development of physical power 36 Education is the acquisition of the art and the utilization of knowledge. Pre-operational stage 18 Fear of something that was caused by a painful experience in the past is an example of?


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Respect for authority b. Make a report to the parents about their children’s misbehavior.

Thorndlike 49 To make her kayod marino participate more often during class discussions, teacher Chai believes that she can apply Operant Conditioning by way of: Human beings create their own truth. Chronological age is the same as biological and psychological age. Teacher to inflict corporal punishment to offending student upon the approval of parents. Learning activities that involve problems of classification and order.