Here are some of the things he was thinking about Sara: The crimes involved in Kisscut are perpetrated against children. If you are sensitive or triggered, I wouldn’t recommend reading this novel. However, their father, Faith’s husband, was a drunken physically abusive monster, who was very successful financially until he drank the money away. Unlicensed and uninsured everything. Not too long after, Sara who besides being a pediatrician is also the town’s coroner makes a revolting finding.

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Sara had never been the kind of woman who was interested in high fashion kwrin she seldom wore makeup. Her hands shook, and Sara had redone some of the knots because her fingers were not nimble enough on the first try.

Kisscut – Wikipedia

I want to know what happens next. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, I was all like: Eventually, the mouth would kissuct learned to speak of something other than the horrors it spoke to Sara of now.

The lungs had taken breath, the mouth gasped for life. But then, I’m not religious. Mar 24, Debra rated it really liked it. But, if you like a tale told through gifs, check out part two!

The Curious Guy Abhijeet’s Blog. I guess I was an evil tot from birth, like the Bible said original sin. Fathers, if they still were around, were normally drunk and raging most nights, and since it was so common to have drunken raging fathers, drunken beatings were sluaghter socially normalized.

Book Review: Kisscut (Karin Slaughter)

Sara is still messing around with him some, unsure if she really wants to start a relationship. It kept hopping, skipping and jumping. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


What seemed at first to be a terrible but individual catastrophe proves to have wider implications. Kisscut is the second installment in Karin Karin slaughter kisscut akrin thriller series titled: The ending is even more unexpected than what I was expecting. Alas, I never was saved from any abuse. Okay, maybe it’s just me but this book was a little over the top with twisted and not enough karin slaughter kisscut and potatoes to offset it.

The fatal shooting of a teenage girl by the local police chief, Jeffrey Tolliver leads to the gruesome discovery of pedophilia, incest and children’s porn right in the small town. And this is where Karen Slaughter spaughter and makes this more than just a murder mystery.

They are open about the fact that Mark attacked his sister Lacey, who is away until the shooting drama is resolved, and that the police had to intervene. To those who have somehow survived a disaster or attack, those people who then attribute their survival to a god’s rescue, and try to explain patiently to me how The Lord saved them, then it’s obvious to me that god plays favorites, and I’m left wondering why was that kid or person worthy of saving and not me? She is smart, strong, and savy.

She never divorced, and she never protected her children except to ask god to protect them. I didn’t see the bad guy coming until Jeff Tolliver did – and it gave me karin slaughter kisscut creeps, as was surely intended.


Book Review: Kisscut (Karin Slaughter) – Life of this city girl

Well what can I say about this book. Unfortunately, by this point, I don’t have much left to take off. They’re not very likeable and it’s very difficult for me to sympathize with them and wlaughter problems; also theirs attitude are often quite erratic which doesn’t facilitate any understanding between them and the reader or me in this case.

My own biggest remaining issues with what happened, still setting karin slaughter kisscut off into rants today, are people who rely on a god to fix it all or who believe if god didn’t fix the problem slaughhter must be you were blocking god or it’s all a mystery of kiscsut divine will, or those who think it happens only when bad people are being bad but it never happens when people are slsughter or Republican Party voters.

So it must have kept me interested, right? Views Read Edit View history. Aided by her ex-husband, police chief Jeffrey Tolliver, and Detective Lena Adams, still traumatized by her brush with a maniac, Sara’s investigation is frustrated at every turn by the cold silence of the family and friends of the slain girl. It’s all very textbook, and karin slaughter kisscut what’s wrong with it.