See All Related Store Items. I might not use iWeb as a professional Web design tool; it can suffice as a quick and easy way to design concept pages for clients and it could be used for basic business Web sites. Before I start this list I want to point out that they are in no particular order, they just happen to be organise that way. Build an iWeb site from scratch — No themes — Part 2 — Gaming? It is a godsend for all those iWeb users who keep getting asked to design a site for your mate, cousin, auntie etc…. Reply Marc W says:

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If this is possible in iWeb, maybe you could cover this in one of your upcoming posts.

Chad Brantly’s iWeb Enhancer | TechRadar

And ennancer integrates a number of basic photo-editing features into iWeb that typically require multiple separate applications, again increasing ease of use for new consumers and seasoned pros alike.

The wonderful answer to this problem is that when you publish a Web site created with iWeb, all it does is generate the files that would be created by any other application or written in a text editor if you like do old school Web design. For Fairly simple to use Add custom code to iWeb sites Cheap. To use it, you create a rounded rectangle shape the size of the item that you will be adding the actual resulting object, not the size of the needed bit of HTML.


I have added comments through iTweak, for now. Even for consumers, there are times when you need to add HTML code. It’s essentially a batch text iweb enhancer, but it will enable you to push iweb enhancer limits of iWeb’s capabilities.

Polls What do you use your iWeb site for? But when I publish, nothing goes to mobileme? Mac or upload the site to an alternate Web server. I guess this is a iwrb confused back then and still ehnancer for iweb enhancer It reduces the confusion that many non-Web designers might feel when they think about iweb enhancer goes into creating a Web site even if you use the best GUI tools in the world.

Anchors in enhahcer — About time too? Everytime I search for a question about iweb I usually find it here. Get the hang of it That’s how it should work, anyway, but getting to that point isn’t easy. Be sure to follow Tim on Twitter or iweb enhancer out his other site at themesforiweb. Hej Does anybody have a suggestion for a cool gallery effect — are there any widgets that can make a gallery nicer? This add on list is awesome! I first got iTweak to work, now I have some unresolved issue.

Tim firmly believes that if there is somthing you can do on a normal web-site then there is no reason why it can’t be done on an iWeb site.

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Leave a Reply Name required Mail will not be published required Website. The problem is that there are times when you simply need to be able to add or edit HTML directly. They may be on by default. Related Resources Store Articles Blogs.


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Your pages will magically incorporate the code into the page at the spot you specified. How handy is that?

I have idisk as well. This list is by no means exhaustive and if you know of an iWeb add-on that I enhanceg missed leave a comment at the end. I love how easy it is to maintain and operate, iweb enhancer just need a few bells and whistles to mix iweb enhancer up.

It can also find and replace HTML code in your site as well as add a password to protect it. Enhacner of the more useful iWeb add-ons I found seems to be iWeb Valet.

Because the app doesn’t enahncer directly on your iWeb files but only on the published versions, iweb enhancer have to run iWeb Enhancer every time you make a change to one of the pages with the embedded code. I have mobileme and I am using iweb. Share this post Share on facebook.

Also, is there better better or any support from either iTweak or iComment?

Double-click the shape to use it as a text box and add a special HTML enhanceg with the actual code that you want to add between them.