The first screen you see will be asking you if you are installing or uninstalling the software. Mac and Windows desktops, databases, websites, email, browsers, removable drives and all standard file types. I would really like to see a X6 screen window s versus Premium screen window s just to learn where everything has been relocated. We are planning to release a Professional version later this year that includes more advanced functionality. Washing Machine Washing Machine keeps you surfing fast and securely. Intego Identity Scrubber can run a search for the following information that you want to keep protected: Perfect to keep you going while keeping your Mac secure.

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Personal Backup Intego Personal Backup helps you ensure that all the digital memories you keep on your Mac are protected from loss.

Thank you for installing Intego Mac Premium Bundle ! Now that I have updated to Premium is there a safe means to revert back to X6?

Try our new Mac security products and tell us what you think! 22013 valid for 1 year. Though chances of being infecter are far less on a Mac OS, you shouldn’t leave your digital life and private information up to chance.

One Year Of Premium Mac Protection

It makes their job of installing malware on your Mac that much easier. I am using OS X Installation and Uninstallation Installation: Thanks for the Intego Mac Internet Security version upgrade.

If your operating system is older than OS X We recommend using the latest Chrome or Firefox to complete this transaction. A sleeker look and added functionality make it our best backup product to date.


Get One Year of Digital Security With The Mac Premium Security Bundle [Deals] | Cult of Mac

Intego Mac Premium Bundle includes intego mac premium bundle 2013 of our award-winning security integi designed to keep your digital world protected, secure, private, and clean. Our award-winning X6 products have done a great job protecting our customers and keeping their Macs free of malware and other nasty threats, but they needed a little sprucing up. View history of recorded chats, including the content of the chat and the ID of the chat partner. The Mac Security Blog.

It scours every nook and cranny of your Mac to root out every little bit of personal information that might inadvertently expose you to crooks if someone were to gain access to your computer.

Mac bundlee should be effective, straightforward, and unobtrusive, and that’s exactly how we designed our bundles to operate. Once complete, Intego Virus Barrier will be constantly on the watch for intrusions into your Mac.

Personal Backup X9 has been majorly updated with the X9 launch. Fights Mac and Windows malware that threaten your security Net Barrier Integoo order to provide you the safest financial transaction, our payment application requires that you upgrade your browser to one of the following options: Washing Machine keeps you surfing fast and securely.

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The Intego Apple Resource Center was designed to be the number one source for everything you need to know about your Mac to get the most out of it. Intego mac premium bundle 2013 Intego Identity Scrubber you can find those digital assets stored deep in your computer’s recesses and secure them, ensuring your whole life doesn’t become a public record.


Cleans caches, cookies, and other stored information off your Mac Mac Personal Backup: Choose to uninstall the software and follow the instructions. Now Intego sells new versions of the software i. Apologies for the delayed response — this comment appears to have gotten stuck in our moderation queue.

We focused on simplifying our products for the everyday Mac user. In the meantime, you can 20113 or upgrade for free through this page: Websites track your every move, malware and network attacks threaten to corrupt your Mac, and children are too easily exposed to inappropriate Internet content.

Mac Premium Bundle

It even allows you to create bootable backups to get you back on your feet quickly when the time comes. Intego Mqc Scrubber can set up custom searches so you can find a specific keyword and scrub it clean. We’ve made this setting front and center so you know you have the best coverage in place.