We now have libHSghc Which means, we’ll re-export any symbol we link from archives as well. The specification specifies that one means of referring to exported symbols is via a bit ordinal. Hello World And loader logs: Either that, or come up with an automatic partitioning scheme that could handle cyclic references between the partition DLLs. The only symbols that should need to be external are the ones for things accessable via the. So we need a third one.

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The commit 5ddcad2db04ca1d4b83e10d causes tn23 a Mac OS X builder to fail with. Cyclic dependencies between these generated dlls are handle automatically so there is no need to tell it how to partition. Such a scheme cgutil exe have additional downsides as well: Or it seems we don’t.

It can be downloaded from the congatec homepage as well. For this reason I believe the problem is in fact that ld. Removed all references to saving a BIOS from flash to file and using this file to update other modules.

This will be finished by 8. We now have libHSghc Split the ghc package up into ghc-baseghc-codegenghc-nativegenetc.


Then you cgutil exe “just” modify Cabal to understand partitioned DLLs. Unfortunately, this might end up increasing the total number of partitions if you’re not careful because internal symbols would now need to cgutil exe exported from the partitions. Download in other formats: This is recursive, we link against gmpbase etc. However, this is not the only way; if the lookup fails the loader will fall back to a standard name search.

Do this by entering the following command. Many Windows DLLs export ordinals to support legacy code. It can be downloaded from the congatec homepage at www. This step is done by entering the following command.


Punting this as I’ve cgytil too busy to finish the patch. In case we hit the limit again, the build script will automatically detect this and do the following:. Given that -dynamic on Windows always produces an import library.

A created default map can only be used on the BIOS revision cgutil exe is derived from. This means there’s no point in having to maintain this list as it’ll never work anyway and the solution isn’t scalable. I’m leaving cgutil exe highest priority and bumping to 7. And these are used to break the dependencies. Indeed is there a wiki page surveying the whole dynamic-linking question and how we address it? I unfortunately had to lower it quite substantially for the dynamic stage2 build to pass.


All text, pictures and graphics are protected by copyrights. This application note can be cgutul from cutil congatec homepage.

# (Too many symbols in ghc package DLL) – GHC

cgutil exe I second what simonpj said, amazing job, thanks for working on this! You can use ordinal to specify that a number, and not the function name, will go into the DLL’s export table.

See issues cguti,and Signed-off-by: I can’t find it if so. This means Dgutil also have to write a tool to generate import libraries in their short format for use by GHC. The section includes pseudo-code explaining how the SymbolRVA of a named symbol is determined: