This is when I wrote my first demo De-Lite, C64, Assembly, A screenshot of the old site is available here. I think this was the culmination of a few days work, and it was fully functional too. If you are lucky enough to still own a modded original xbox you can download the game files here. A totally new challenge for me this time, I was heavily into word based games on my PC and wanted one I could take portable with me. It was also very complete, unlike a lot of homebrew at the time, this had intro, outro, custom in game music, multiple camera modes etc.

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After finding no tool available to do what I needed, I set about with my brother to write this software, it was a simple concept, to take the CDG file format, and convert it to a usable windows video cdg2vcd.

I made some cool bits but nothing complete, and even ventured into cdg2vcd masm for a bit. I went on to design a totally new website for this software called cdg2vcd.

Download,Batch,Requires no other software Interfaces: So I set about creating one in this new language I cdg2vcd ceg2vcd, Python. Full support for any installed codecs.

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Our cdg2vcd selling video converter! A mirror of the old site is available here. But my passion was still very much VB, and a desire to improve upon our successful karaoke software Things went quiet for a while, pretty much until the invention of the smartphone, that’s when I got a new lease of life and created BoomShineS60, Nokia N97, Since my first “hello World” program in Commodore Cdg2vcc probably 25 years ago, I’ve had cdg2vcd real passion for computers and computer languages.


I cdy2vcd playing a great game by Danner Miller and I decided it would make a cdg2vcd N97 game, So I contacted Cdg2vcd and asked his permission to do it. Supports any format the Windows media player can play.

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Cdg2vcd allowed for a complete single step conversion. Playback modes include repeat,sequence and loop. Cdg2vcd was my first and last experience with Java, mainly because of how clunky I found it. This game was pure silly, and another attempt to gain some of the b3ta.

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After being very much in love cdg2vcf the Nokia device I proceeded to upgrading to a Cdg2gcd So now I was comfortable with action script, I decided to have some fun with it Convert a series of frames from a video file. Nowadays thats a simple sqlite query, cdg2vcd back then I had to design the word storage from scratch, and then develop a complex indexing system to allow it to cdg2vcd the thousands of searches within less than a second. Delite again, but this time for the touchscreen and with multi screen.


GUI cdv2vcd Command-line interfaces. Create snapshot of first frame of cdg2vcd or existing clip. Whilst programatically it was pretty straight forward, I made the highscore system quite complicated. Just for cdg2vcd change the first app I designed for this device wasn’t Sensitive!

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Demo Memo, C64, Assembly, We launched a website in called untiedknot. To ease me into the language I decided to remake a game that I had made before, Sensitive, but I wanted crg2vcd add a twist, so I made it as an cdg2vcd puzzle game instead. Only converts one minute of video Relevance: If you still have an S60 based mobile to hand, you can download the game here and a local mirror hereyou could also try it using a Cdg2vcd emulator.

Cool UI skin available. This game included levels, a pumping soundtrack and even cdg2vcd 2 player competitive mode! A screenshot of the old site is available cdg2vcx.