There are still something’s that were a bit predictable; hook ups. A recess is ordered while charges of obstruction are investigated over the behavior of one attorney, a man who is now missing. Had someone fallen overboard? The story has some parts that don’t quite come together in a believable way but it’s an entertaining escapist book. Did Micky O’Roarke disappear on his own? I just have to see what happen next. Sherlock and Savich series of books are awesome.

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Entered on screen reader. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There are a lot of characters, and I didn’t worry about keeping all of them straight, just those that catgerine were important to this book. I somehow thought she wrote romances with titles like “Her Savage Love” or something.

That’s not to say you’re going to be happy for a while, but it beats the alternative. He doesn’t believe me. A week before Thanksgiving, he thought, a week before he presided over the turkey carving and felt so blessed he’d feel like singing, which, thankfully, he wouldn’t.

Coulter as introduced a secondary set of characters that actually work on the mystery and fall in love while Sherlock and Savich settle in the background. Who is behind the shooting of Judge Ramsey Hunt? Want to Read saving….


Backfire by Catherine Coulter – FictionDB

As I had mentioned, realism was a serious problem. Should these books be read in order? April 2nd “You’re going to live. Aug 07, Cathherine rated it liked it. There was a light breeze ruffling the tree leaves and putting a light chop on the ocean below.

The name Sue is let slip by one catherine coulter backfire and the investigators, backed up by a team of local law enforcement figures, feel as if they have a credible lead. Oct 20, Barbara rated it liked it Shelves: Saying more about the plot line would spoil it for readers that have yet to read Backfire.

If anything, starting the series at the beginning would add more depth to the characters — the reader would have more of an understanding of their backstories and relationships.

All in all another great installment in the FBI series. Crackers — pick your catherine coulter backfire sort — for a cracker of a read. With this newest offering, Coulter begins with a shooting. Lots of excitement and a high body count, but these catherine coulter backfire hotshot FBI professionals were sure slow brained about some pretty obvious clues!


No great shakes, but a nice continuation of the series. I wish I can weave a character as lovable and evil as hers. At almost the same moment in Washington, D. There are much better thrillers out there. The first half was so exciting I read it all in one evening, with the Olympics on in the background. Carl Alves — author of Conjesero Lots going on in this mystery which is part of the FBI thriller series: I’ve even blogged about them I received this book in my Kindle the day it was released.

This series just keeps getting better and better which each book. It soon turns out something is off as O’Rourke seems to have disappeared without a trace the next day The trial is moot now. They leave immediately for San Francisco to wreak havoc on the perp who shot their friend. I was amazed at all of the positive reviews that I found on this novel.