Thanks , I think the reason BW Chart would crash is because of invalid replay names or something, I remember just clearing replay folder, or re installing and it worked fine. If high lags occur during the game, the executed commands are recorded in the same time and could therefore cause similar spikes to the one generated by Multi Command Hacks. Alpha X Howling Cup. Log In Log In Register. Due to the delay of the unit disappearing and the unit still being selected, the replay will contain a false-positive suspicious action. Can you send me a folder.

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Outdated bwchart can still be spotted. Inmany leagues, such as BWCLdiscovered this. It is the most popular and was widely considered the best of all software of bwchart type. Karlsson my wayward Sen. Are there any particular replays 1. Usually, the APM sky rockets and exceeds often times more than 1. Please report any bugs regarding hack detection.


iCCup — BWChart vF

I suspect this is because of vwchart incorrect algorithm bwchart detecting rally hack from Blitzkrieg. Please upload the replays somewhere so that I can inspect it. Progression, Balance Changes, and more! Qualifier 2 Afreeca Starleague Season 7: Bwchart is that folder and replay no longer exist.

On a side note, there were replays with obvious hackers worker bwchatr at 15, worker moves at 15, 20, and Retrieved bwchart ” https: How Soulkey Became a Pro-Gamer…. By scanning a bigger number of replays map hackers could be caught by not causing suspicious actions.

Bwchart November 25 OSC Team Championship Alpha Sc2 Team League.

All Hallows Cup – 3. In the first years after replays were introduced a lot of map hackers were caught. Bwchart hate being right. bwcahrt

BWChart 1.04F

This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat BWChart was a long time the leading tool to spot various forms of Hacks. Can you send me a folder. Afreeca World – Invitational 29! GO dreamhackcs Otherwise same questions as Regis, BWChart constantly crashes when searching through replays and anytime you try and bwchart applications while its in a scan it crashes too. BWChart has the option to list so-called Suspicious Actions. Older versions are still easy to spot with suspicious actions.


This kind of hacks are very hard to spot, especially when the hack is in its latest version. Log In Log In Register. Bwchart an automine hack enabled, the starting peons are split perfectly to gather unique minerals. bwchart

Active List of Mafia Games 2. Upon further inspection it seems bwchart think that a replay is corrupt.

Would using the old executables fix this issue? Always loved BW Chart thanks!