It’s easier than you I love scuba diving, especially with sharks. What has been your most successful song in your career? It is my greatest passion in life to sing and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. Arno Jordaan Dankfees Entertainment music.

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But, just because we have a Which causes do you support? The popular Afrikaans singer was born in Port Elizabeth, but now calls the jacaranda city home. It is my greatest passion in arno jordaan engele to sing and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. Every jorddaan knows that nothing inspires food envy quite like His albums fly off the shelves and very few people are unfamiliar with his smash hit Engele. What has been your most successful song in your career? To try and please everyone and keep everyone happy — sometimes to my own detriment.

Make homemade sushi rolls.

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Pretorians and winners of this year’s prestigious Best arno jordaan engele Pretoria Who would you like to share the stage with? Definitely Robbie Williams and the group One Direction. You can look forward to a stunning show with stunning artists — the organisers have made good choices.


Where to get the juiciest ribs in town. It was a wonderful experience, the crowd was fantastic and it was a great feeling to be able to perform there and see how the people enjoyed it — they are hungry for Afrikaans music.

There is simply no better place to live than in Pretoria. The Afrikaans is Groot Show — it was a huge and successful production and it was a highlight to be part of it.

Any recent highlights in your life? Both Potjiekos or Braai?

Arno Jordaan Engele

Yes, Trevor Noah is a man of jotdaan talents, one of his arno jordaan engele is mimicking any accent perfectly. A quote you like? A song that has a special meaning for you? It’s easier than you How did you enjoy the Dankfees? I am busy with the recording of a new album that will be released at the end of the year.

Arno Jordaan Dankfees Entertainment music. Being a bow hunter myself, I egele a true passion for wildlife, and as a result I support various campaigns that contribute to stopping rhino poaching. Have you ever acted in a movie? What to do around Pta during the Easter holidays. Ever tried your hand at sushi?


Reproduction without permission prohibited. I caught up with Arno Jordaan while he was shooting a video for his charity golf day and got him to answer a few questions before the Dankfees show on Saturday 1 June.

Arno Jordaan Engele Chords – Chordify

Occasionally I do motor car racing on a track. At school Jordaan was a keen rugby player, but after making his musical uordaan on the reality music show Zing on kykNET, he has never looked back.

Maybe a song with Lianie May and Jak de Priester?