Now you have latest ADT installed if you have follow the useroo6 steps. SDK Manager Improved caching to reduce downloading of repository definitions. Improved the JUnit test runner to allow a test to be run on all connected devices simultaneously. I have tried all the above solution but unable to update the eclipse. When run against your layout files, the tool analyzes their hierarchies and notifies you of inefficiencies and other potential issues.

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Issue Fixed problem with the XML report including invalid characters. Fixed minor issues in the Lint tool. If you are developing outside Eclipse, you must have Apache Ant 1.

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Improved access androud properties in the context menu. Issue Fixed crash when using the lint command line tool because of mis-matched library dependency. You can check the BuildConfig. When resizing, the new dimensions are shown more info.

Cannot complete the request. Fixed issue with sticky error markers in Java files.

SDK Tools release notes

Taking into account the versatility offered by the Android operating system, Android SDK provides a streamlined solution for putting together software applications compatible with Android devices, whether you’re a less experienced or skilled developer.


Issue Fixed incorrect flagging of formatting strings. My colleague said that this solved the problem. Fixed a problem where the Android Virtual Device Manager could not create new virtual devices. Exception in thread “main” java.

ADT Plugin | Android Developers

Versio an overview, see the session recording starting at: Improved LogCat to allow developers to set colors for different priorities. Also with SMP support, you can test apps that specifically target multi-core Android devices.

The RelativeLayout editor automatically assigns ids to views without ids when pointing to them. A new UI allows you to create custom descriptions.

The first text field dropped in a layout is assigned focus, and there are Android developer toolkit version 21.0.0 Focus and Clear Focus context menu items on text fields to change the focus. Improves support for compiling lambdas when you enable Java 8 language features. Added two ProGuard configuration files for use in projects: I have manually downloaded the ADT This is the update to the develpoer editor you’ve nadroid waiting for!

Fixes issue with bit JVM on Windows. Added new column options for the Lint Warnings tab, such as category, priority, project, file and line. Adds support for “headless” SDK update. This anrdoid tended to pollute the namespace with a lot of unused resources android developer toolkit version 21.0.0 layouts are not usually manipulated via code, or referenced from XML.


For hoolkit information, see the apksigner documentation or run apksigner sign –help from the commandline. For me it removes the entire android SDK from eclipse. I have done it for windows OS and was able to get it up and running I know I am bit late but its always good to be late then never. Issue Fixed compatibility issue with IntelliJ layout preview caused by layout editor deleting the.

No longer forces the use of Java 1.

ADT Plugin

This site is also about the same problem as I have, and there is an answer which is accepted as the solution veesion the question. Location of the android sdk has not been setup in the preferences! This URI is replaced with the app specific one at build time. Added support for the “Select Enclosing Element” feature on Mac.